Unknown companion!!!!

March 5 2019 is a special day for me which I would like to share. Like every other morning I started for my work but never expected the morning travel is going to make a change in
me.When I just entered into the cab I realized I forgot my identity card without which I will not be allowed inside my office.I requested my cab driver to wait for few mins which he accepted with a smile. I normally don’t entertain conversation with strangers but that day our
conversation started with a thank you.

We had general talks on all companies,business everything and my prejudice about cab
drivers changed that day because he had very clear thoughts and good way of communicating the same.

It went on for few mins and suddenly he asked me a question

“Do you think in next few years, you will become the CEO of the company in which you are
working now?”

I just smiled at him thinking he is trying to taunt me.But the next 15 mins conversation has put in me a new thought process.

I replied him with my smile that am not passionate about it.

He asked
“How you would know what you are passionate about when you don’t have a vision of it.”

This made me to think.Meanwhile he continued..

Passion is something which we not only likes to do, but putting the best efforts for it everyday ”

I was questioning myself ,do I have a vision about my life? am I giving my best shot every day? Am I really happy and contented with what am doing ? When I was pondering on these thoughts, he continued..

“No one is ever going to be satisfied with what they get from others.Contentment is something which comes from inside of us by giving and not by getting.”

Our discussion went on and am briefing it 3 points here.

● Give 100% efforts for your vision.Define your 100 percent everyday.

● Give time for yourselves and people in need.When you are able to take care of yourself you will be able to take care of others as well.

● Never give up.when things go wrong just have an attitude of “ok..let me start doing again”

And finally when we departed ,the conversation ended with a “Thank you” from the depth of my heart.When I enquired about him, He just said he is an ordinary person who likes to speak to people and listen to their thoughts.

I realized that morning a right word given at the right time to a right person has the capacity to bring a change in one’s attitude to face situations.He encouraged me to
work on the vision of my life.

If you feel encouraged as well,i just want to say All the best !!!!!!!


Unity in Diversity

Whenever I go to beach I was mesmerized by the beauty of sky and sea binding together at a distance. Science gives reason for sky and ocean to be blue in terms of reflection but I believe that they are so passionate in love with each other sharing same colour making our
heart to believe that there is no separation.

But the reality behind this beauty is sky and sea never meet at any point.

I thought of sharing a beautiful thought with this sight.

Everyone is unique in this world with variance of opinion and nature.Very few understand this and rest all are under constant stress of copying to be someone and struggle to become
like someone.This is one of the main reason for many, living a mediocre, unsatisfactory life,trying to please
people and await approval from others for everything.

We all are eccentric and each one have a purpose to fulfill. The purpose could not be understood and fulfilled unless we stop trying to see ourselves through others eyes,unless we stop trying to satisfy everyone around us.

The magic of life happens when we learn to see through and accept the reflection of other person’s heart ,a beautiful wavelength of love binds together covering all the differences.

Love is the only rope to tie all the unique strong individuals in oneness.
Bible says “Love covers multitude of sins(mistakes)”.

Yes, love that is faithful and true ,has the capacity to understand and withstand the shortcomings of other person.Love is not jealous,it has endurance, perseveration and never
gives up.

One of my favourites quotes of Mother Teresa is “When you judge people you don’t have
time to love them”.

So stop being prejudice about anyone or any situation and practice to accept the differences in people.It not only gives peace in life but also brings a sense of oneness which has mighty
power to bring changes in world.
Lets learn to admire the uniqueness in us and expand our heart to accept others in the waywe accept ourselves to stand together to see beautiful and colourful changes.

Be wise

The hard time for all parents is to manage their kids when they are in between 5 to 10 years in age, as they will start doing all mischievous things. At the same time, this phase needs to be handled with proper care as they start understanding and questioning about everything.

Some parents are so strict on following the rules of the home, trying to discipline the kid. In those cases kids miss enjoying their childhood ending up with stress and depression.

Some parents would do things when their kids are so adamant just to calm the situation, giving all they want not teaching the values of patience and perseverance.

But on the contrary of these two cases, some wise parents put proper efforts in understanding the nature and need of the kid and correct them in the proper path.

Just a thought, there are three things that drive every human being.

Knowledge is something that our brain believes in what we see, what we hear and what goes inside us every day. Knowledge is gained by learnings in our day to day life.

Emotions, on the other hand, comes from our soul and it’s not gained from outside. Emotions come from inside of us, something we are made of. All emotions are common in everyone but the percentage of each differs based on how we see and treat ourselves and how we are being treated by others.

Many people make decisions in life based on either knowledge from brain or emotions from the soul.

The decision from knowledge is like a rule book, without life and it does not know to forgive, forget and love beyond one’s limitations and shortcomings. The voice from the brain will be logical but never seek people nor do things, without seeing a personal profit. It always stands for personal glory and fame.

On the contrary, decisions based on emotions are weak and it never knows right or wrong. It cannot be stable and it has the ability to break any relationships when expectations are not met. Emotions driven life can never lead to peace as it is always self-centered and concentrates on fulfilling the desires, but never gets contented.

Many times we listen either to the voice from brain or voice from soul but unfortunately, both will never help to see the best version of our self.

In between the parallel lines of knowledge and emotions, there is a state called being wise. To be wise in every situation one needs to be a logical and practical thinker, respecting the emotions of self and others as well.

In today’s world with the growing technology we have a lot of options to be rich in all knowledge, at the same time we are becoming poor in dealing with our emotions.

More than being knowledgeable, be wise in everything. Manage and direct emotions on the right path and seeking to be wise helps in it.

Wisdom is like a perfect pearl locked inside a shell, a drop of honey inside a beautiful flower, need to wait and unfold to receive its beauty and fullness.

Seek to be wise, enhance your inner person and be a wildflower to spread the fragrance wherever life takes.!!!!!

Love makes life beautiful

Love – All of us wanted to be loved by people surrounding us.

Being loved always makes one feel good and comfortable. Being loved makes one feel secure and safe. Being loved helps in having strong mind and sound thoughts.The feeling of being loved has a very big capacity to change our thought process, the way
we deal problems in life and the way we treat people and adds a big value and respect to our self.

I have seen many people feeling unloved, unwanted and full of hatred driving their life to either evil actions or self destruction. If we go a bit deeper in to such people’s life, it all starts due to the rejection and the way they have been treated in childhood from their close ones. If I ask u what is the deadliest disease in this world,u would say Cancer or HIV, don’t know if more disease exists. I would say the worst thing that can happen to a soul is rejection, loneliness and feeling unloved.

Mother Teresa’s says

“One of the greatest diseases is being nobody to anybody”

But the good news is there is a cure for this dreadly feel. True love is like a light that once it comes in, there is no place for darkness and a simple fact is darkness can never overcome light. In other words there is no such a thing as darkness exists , it is just absence of light.Once we receive the light of love , our life changes in every aspect and one can see a new self full of joy and hope.

Many times we never try to understand the composition of this medicine called Love andthat’s where we are not receiving the complete cure.

The written word of God gives a beautiful explanation

Love suffers long and is kind, love does not envy, love does not parade itself, is not puffed up, does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil, does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things
and endures all things”

And finally “Love never fails”.

The attitude of never giving up is what is going to make the difference in us. We don’t need to seek for opportunities to do great things, but our simple actions makes big changes in others.

If anyone wish to extend their light of love, I would suggest the below quote.

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family”

Practise the below simple things everyday, for change should always start from our home.

● Hug your children everyday and tell them they are loved..It gives then a sense of trust and security.

● Make a practise to have one meal together everyday as a family. We need time to listen to the needs and deeds of our family members.

● Help each other in little tasks at home, your kids will learn how to help others outside home.

Only a broken soul knows the value of a smile, lonely heart knows the value of 5 minutes of togetherness.
Start your day with a smile. Peace always starts with a smile. Stop for people in need.

Fall in love with your life, with every single thing you do for yourself and for others. Only when you are happy and contented with your life, the sparkle in you can light others.

Season of celebration

Nearing the end of 2018, I was just looking back at the days of happiness, oneness, joy, days of tears, sadness, sleepless nights, unexpected people and unpredicted incidents, days of frustration and anxiety, crazy days, all has happened. I will never forget this year in my life where I have seen lots of love from my close ones when I went through hard times. A lot of opportunities to see a better myself, a lot matured, a bit more responsible towards the things I hold in my hands, Many first experiences happened this year, my first blog, first trek, first international trip, also have met some unhappy first incidents as well. Beyond all these, there
are quite good reasons to be thankful to the creator for strengthening me in my hard times, for making me a strong woman which I would like to see myself and a lot more memories to cherish beyond the pain as I believe gratitude is the beginning of joy. I feel it’s time to pat on my shoulders for the things accomplished and a lot more to go, to see way beyond limits, to work beyond shortcomings and make life more meaningful.

As I think through this, a drop of tears running my cheeks, remembering me that change never stops changing, For every night there is a dawn. Never lose hope. Finally, the good deeds and cherishable moments are the ones, that stays forever.

Now It’s a time of celebration of a new beginning for all of us, leaving behind hardness and hurts. Celebrate and be thankful for your loved ones. Make them happy with small gifts and more of your time.

Let’s Welcome the season of New beginning with new strength and joyful heart.

Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed New Year!!!!

When you read this, if you feel  sharing your good, bad or funny things in your life, am waiting eagerly to listen and i believe cherishing the memories is what makes life beautiful!!!!!!!!

A pregnant woman at bus stop

One fine evening I was waiting to cross a road and I saw a pregnant woman, was also waiting nearby. I was observing her, she was so careful and cautious holding her big tummy while crossing. I was so nervous at that sight, and I always feel nervous whenever I see pregnant ladies and try my best to make sure they are comfortable and safe. If you observe carefully they look so beautiful at this stage and their face always glow. Every woman says holding her own baby in hands, embracing with love, is what makes them feel complete and full filled.

I was thinking why God created a period of 9 months for a baby to reach the world, all through this time woman will undergo a lot of changes physically and emotionally and gives birth to life with near death experience. Being a mother is a bigger responsibility and it needs patience and perseverance not giving up on her child at any cost. For such heart full of love and compassion it’s really needed for each woman to go through compulsive
obedience and patience for 9 months. But the beauty of God’s creation is women willfully accepts it, knowing there is no shortcut. I wonder that is what makes them glow while they were carrying.

Willful submission and compulsive obedience are what gives them the moment of fulfillment. In fact, this reveals a very big truth, There is no shortcut to success. Those who willfully accept this process of pain and sacrifice are the ones who attain true success and fulfillment because the success point where they reach has a bigger responsibility of uplifting the
society along with them.

Like how a pregnant woman is always cautious of what she is carrying, everyone needs to be cautious of what we carry in our heart every day since that is what we are going to give back to this society. It’s easy to speak about the good deeds but not that easy to live with values and stand as an example. Only those who stood in it are the ones bringing changes in society.

Let’s make a decision today, whatever position we reach in our life, let’s be mindful of the society we live and contribute to its growth with little things!!!!!

Enlighten yourself

I was thinking one evening, why we get calls from banks for loan offers every other day even when we say we are not in need. We see many adds saying about offers and extra free things which they are giving repeatedly. It’s a very simple logic, a child uses to get our attention. To say something on a repeat mode, again and again, to reach our subconscious thought, so that when you are in need, the loan offers will strike your mind.

Every one of us long to have an identity for self and see the best version of us. Unfortunately most of the times we are stuck with inferiority, fear of criticism and at times self-pity on our limitations because of the repeated negative criticisms which we carry in our subconscious mind. We are made of our thoughts. We will become on what we spend our energy and time. Many times our thoughts and energy are being spent on small unwanted things in our everyday life. A small issue we face in a morning traffic can spoil our entire day. It seems to be smaller ones but the impact it makes on us every day takes a bigger toll on our health, thoughts, and life.

I have read somewhere even a person with very good health and strong physique can be
made weaker till death by poisoning their thoughts again and again like the loan calls we get from banks. On the other hand, good and strong thoughts can actually influence people around to make them live good. Now coming to the point of this strong thoughts, how to achieve it is a big question for many of us. As I said earlier, we are made of our thoughts. Check today where you are spending your mind and energy. Is it stuck with silly things on everyday life or is it focussed beyond those? Am not saying we need to be serious and focussed at all times, In Fact, it’s not possible. Have fun, do crazy things, let the child inside you to enjoy, at the meantime do right things, have right thoughts, at the end of the day that is what is going to give you peace. Thinking big does a big magic in our life to stay happy and focussed.

Our thoughts are like the air we breathe, it wanders everywhere. Our thoughts are like water which is needed to live but we get drowned completely at times. Our thoughts are like clouds, which gives peace to see and can pass by over a time. Our thoughts are like fire, it can burn the dust off, it can also overburn the goodness completely and build a rage inside of us. Finally, your thoughts are something which grows along with you, either as a tree full of sweet fruits(joy, peace, patience) or it can be a useless tree with strong roots(anger, jealous, rage) and can even destroy the ground it lives. Feed your mind with good things, spend time with people rather than gadgets to add values in life, spend time with nature, respect others feelings, meet your old friends, help people in need, let go of ego on silly fights, forgive and forget, more than everything whatever you do, do it with love, for all these make life beautiful and meaningful. One kind word can heal a broken heart, one smile can give good strength, stopping for one person in need can bring big changes in their life.

Open your heart to let go of the unwanted weeds and fill with truth and goodness.
Remember a small matchstick can light up a big lamp. Be a light and light others.!!!!!!!!!

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